• Apple

    140,00 zł

    A light and handy board for everyday use. Bold colour combination and exceptional mobility make this board a perfect choice for modern people. Every enthusiast of tasty food will appreciate the ergonomic handle and the possibility to use the board on both sides.

  • Monkey

    239,00 zł

    Similarly to the Monkey+ board, it’s sister board Monkey is also large, light and comfortable. The cut milled in the board channels the liquids off the board. The boards from the Monkey line make a perfect combination of elegance and usefulness.

  • Smile

    140,00 zł

    The Smile boards is a line designed particularly for the youngest cooks. Their look moves child’s imagination, while the funny shapes will move every poor eater. They are light, handy and invite children for their first culinary tour.

  • Monkey +

    495,00 zł

    Due to the special processing, the large, professional Monkey board is unusually light and comfortable. What is worth noticing is the original 2-in-1 solution. The removable board, being a part of the large board, will facilitate your work in the kitchen and enable to serve meals fast.

  • Twister

    260,00 zł

    Modern look and ideal mobility in two colour variants. Due to the special construction called ”twisted”, this unique board is both handy and beautiful. Twister is an ideal board for serving meals, a complement to any abundant table.

  • Classic

    160,00 zł

    A classic board available in two sizes. It has a comfortable grip and anti-skidding protection. With this board, the work in any kitchen becomes a pleasure. Classical beauty perfectly matched to your interior.

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